Things to Know Before Buying Electronics from Dubai

Dubai is known as the city of wonders and sometimes as the city of gold. The city is full of natural beauty and attractions which are the eye candy for many tourists. Around 4 million tourists visit Dubai each year for different purposes. Shopping remains a major reason for people visiting Dubai and most of them visit to shop for electronics.

Before shopping for electronics, you should know a few things which can help you to get the best deals and save a lot of money as well. Some of them are:

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Dubai for the sake of shopping for electronics is when most of the shopping festivals like Dubai Shopping Festival and Gulf Information Technology Exhibition are arranged. In these festivals, the prices of electronics are incredibly low near to free. The dates of these festivals vary each year but the information can be acquired from the internet about the next dates.

Places to Buy From

There are numerous shopping malls where electronics are offered for sale. You can either visit these shops or you can visit the outlets of renowned brands. If you want to buy electronics at more reduced prices, you should visit Al Faridi Street in Bur Dubai. This is the place where the electronics are offered at very affordable prices. However, don’t forget to claim international warranty before purchasing items.

Open Port Policy

Dubai has an open port policy which is why the electronics are not taxed. You should know that the electronics are available at low prices as compared to the other parts of the world due to this policy of the government.


The electronic items in Dubai can belong to different price ranges. You should choose the one which meets your budget and does not put a hole in your pocket.

These are some things you need to know prior to shopping for electronics from Dubai. Besides just shopping, you can enjoy your time in Dubai by visiting different places and experiencing some adventurous activities as well. It is also worth mentioning that you may have to pay some additional charges if you wish to take some electronics with you in your country.

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